Computer graphics in mathematics

 Computer graphics in mathematics 2D graphics.

The main reason graphical objects are described by a collection of straight line segments is that the standard transformation in computer graphics map line segment on to other line segments.
Computer aided design (CAD)is an integral part of many engineering process such as the aircraft design process described .
most interactive computer software for business and industry makes use of computer graphics in the screen display and for other functions such as a graphical display a of data desktop publishing and slide production for commercial and educational presentations. Consequently anyone studying a computer language invariably spends time learning how to use at least two dimensional (2D) graphics.
The basic mathematics used to manipulate and display a graphical image such as a wire frame model of an and image consists of a number of coins, connecting lines for cobs, and information about how to fill in close regions bounded by the lines and COD lines of approximated by short straight linecode lines of approximated by short straight line segments and it is defined mathematically by a list of points. Among the simplest 2D graphics symbol are letters used for labels on the screen. Some letters are stored as right frame of objects other that have COD portions are stored with additional mathematical formula for the cal formula for the curves.
Computer graphics

Composite transformation

The moment of of a figure on a computer screen off and requires two or more basic transformation.the composition of 6 transformations corresponds to matrix multiplication when homogenous coordinates are used.

3D computer graphics

three dimensional graphics, a biologist can examine or simulated protein molecules and search for active sites that might accept of drug molecule.the biologist can rotates and translate and experimental drug and attempt to attach it to the protein.this ability to visualise Pro X shall chemical reaction is visual to modern drop and Cancer research.
Homogenous 3D coordinates
We say that (x,y,z1) homogenous coordinates for the point(x,y,z) in R^3.
In general (X,Y,Z,H) are homogenous coordinates for(x,y,z) ifH will not equal zero

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