Seasonal variations and cyclical variations

 Cyclical and seasonal variation in statistics.

There is a lot of difference adjust between seasonal variations and cyclical variations.
Sikh kalikal and seasonal variations

Seasonal fluctuations of short term which normally last for one year or so where cyclical variations are long-term and the cyclical completes about 8 to 10 years.
Both seasonal and cyclical variations are considered regular variations but still there is a difference between them.the order and period of seasonal fluctuations are regularly in nature of business man can predict about the order of boom and depression during the year and for how many months there will be boom and for how many months there will be depression.
The seasonal variations affect each and every business differently.particular time commerce and industry may experience while some other industry may pass through the phase of depression. But the sickle fluctuations affect the whole economy alike.
Causes the main reason for seasonal fluctuations are customs traditions, habits and climates while cyclical fluctuations arise due to inflation or deflation actions for employment conditions in the economy.

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