Options trading in stock market

What is options trading in stock market?

An option contract involves the payment or receipt or a premium for the right to buy or sell the underlying assets at a particular price within a specified period. Stocks and future of linear products where the downside could be as much has the upside.the huge benefit of options on the other hand is that they are non linear products with only limited downside but unlimited offside for the buyers. The option sailors conversely has limited outside but unlimited downside risk.
Option trading

A trader needs to take many other kinds of risk.

The risk of sideways movement of the market.
The rates of adverse movement of the market.
The risk of time to expiry.

Hedging with options

I would like to focus stocks for a future position. Hedging is a position in conjunction with a stock or a future position to reduce the risk of adverse movement.
buying option for purpose of hedging reduces return and actually increased risk except maybe in the case of very long term investing. I would rather same then by an option any day since at the money put can be priced up to 5% of the underlying contract.In extra ordinary circumstances where of portfolio needs to be Pro texted out of money put can be bought. Sometimes when the next month futures contracts Bitcoin active in the middle of the current month scan age for at most one and half month by selling individual stocks for Nifty future.another good way of hedging is to kept selling calls and guest of portfolio and over a period of time or in a premium to casino any fall in the market. For kids the best way to protect profit is to bring them home. Positions can always be reinstalled letter on after of correction.
Option can thus reduce the down side during adverse market movement and also offer study return in a sideways or trading m

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